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feminist news round-up 23.06.13: the politics is weird edition

Julia Gillard

The Age says Julia Gillard should go, re: gender, or policy?

The Age has used its Saturday editorial to ask for the removal of Julia Gillard from the Prime Ministership and leadership of the Labor Party. The pleas, advertised on the front page of Fairfax papers, claim to call for the change with ‘all respect’ for the role Gillard has occupied as Prime Minister over the past three years. ‘The Age is more than despairing of the vacuum in policy debate,’ the editorial said. The paper’s shout-out for a leadership change is careful to rely on terms of policy and unity, rather than gender, after a week that has seen the full gamut of perspectives on gender in politics run its course.

Fallout from Howard Sattler continues

The saga continues with the radio announcer who queried the sexuality of PM Gillard’s partner. Howard Sattler has been removed from his post at 6PR, but the story kicked on this week after Daily Telegraph columnist Piers Akerman revisted the issue on ABC’s Insiders program. Akerman mentioned that rumours of Tim Mathieson’s sexuality had been circulating for years, a comment that received the ire of host Barrie Cassidy. Revisit all the action if you have energy.

Male voters turn away from Labor: polls

The most recent Nielson poll indicated a slump in support for Labor to 29%, including a reported 7% slump from male voters. Commentators are attributing the further dip to Gillard’s insistence on bringing the “gender wars” into the forefront of debate. The Prime Minister’s ‘Men in Blue Ties’ speech, which warned that choices for women would be eroded by men leading an Abbott government. Given that similar polling suggests Kevin Rudd wouldn’t save Labor if he was to take over the leadership, many have spent the week trying to dissect the role gender plays, if any, in the public’s lack of affection for Gillard.

Survey into discrimination against pregnant women

The Prime Minister asked the Human Rights Commission this week to launch an investigation into the levels of workplace discrimination that pregnant Australian women receive. A national survey will be facilitated by Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick.

Also in the news this week:

Cambridge University on why they need feminism

 Nigella Lawson ‘now the face of domestic violence’: Herald Sun

Eva Cox scores Labor/Liberal policies for women

Covered on lip:

One third of women are victims of domestic violence 

140 female workers fall ill after drinking contaminated water







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