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Tuesday 20 May 2014
Opinion Television

white-washing in television: from silencing to stereotypes

Vanessa Brinis-Norris

  White washing throughout television is completely normalised to the point where audiences rarely question it. As a result, we are subconsciously digesting white supremacy. White supremacy is not necessarily always overtly expressed, as avid viewers of white washed television, we regularly intake and express white supremacy in more subtle ways. Consider some of the…
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Monday 7 April 2014
Sexuality Television TV

tv talk: sex in the broad city

Patricia Tobin

Cult-comedy Broad City recently wrapped up its first season and judging from the above quote taken from its series finale, with Broad City, almost anything sexual is on the menu. Broad City began as a web series that was known for its ‘sneak attack feminism‘. The TV series has the show’s creators Abbi Jacobson and…
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Thursday 6 February 2014
News Television

in brief: biggest loser USA under fire for winner’s dramatic weight loss

Sarah Iuliano
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Producers of US weight loss competition television program, The Biggest Loser are under scrutiny for the 2014 season winner’s dramatic 70kg weight loss. Rachel Frederickson, pictured after shedding 60% of her body mass, started what was anticipated to be the journey to a healthy lifestyle at 117kg. But at the final weigh in, the audience and…
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Thursday 30 January 2014
News Sexuality Television

in brief: disney channel features its first same-sex couple

Kezia Lubanszky
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The Disney Channel has featured its first same-sex couple. The family sitcom Good Luck Charlie features a family preparing for a play date. Pre-school aged Charlie is having a visit from her friend Taylor. Charlie’s parents a bit confused about who Taylor’s mum is, until they realise that it’s not Susan or Cheryl, it’s both….
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Monday 13 January 2014
News Opinion Television

is lena dunham naked too often?

Yalei Wang
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Like many other people my age (read: twentysomething ladies), I’m totally excited about the return of highly successful HBO series, Girls, by Lena Dunham (writer & lead actor). If you’ve seen it, you’ve probably noticed how often Dunham is in the nude on the series and the media/blogosphere backlash against it. From sex scenes to…
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Thursday 29 August 2013
Featured Music Opinion Sexuality Television

the world needs to stop slut-shaming miley cyrus

Marissa Paine

You’d be hard pressed to find a person who hasn’t seen, or at least heard about, Miley Cyrus’ performance at the 2013 VMAs. Without a doubt, it was full on, and made it clearer than ever that Miley no longer seeks the all-American image of her Hannah Montana days. The performance wasn’t to most people’s…
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