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eating healthy with HelloFresh


Have you ever come home after a long day at work, and figured it would be easier to eat cheese on toast, than to cook something healthy? We’ve all been there – groceries take time, it’s too hard to think of stuff to make, and frankly, eating badly is often cheaper.

Those are all pretty bad reasons to eat poorly, though.

Luckily, we don’t have to battle on alone any longer – HelloFresh is a company that delivers fresh ingredients and recipes to your house, simplifying dinner and making it delicious in one fell swoop. Delivering to most suburbs in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne, the company is led by 2011 MasterChef Top 24 Finalist (and HelloFresh Australia founder) Tom Rutledge.

We caught up with Tom to learn more about HelloFresh.

What made you decide to start the company?

I was always drawn by the idea that cooking is fun, but shopping is not. And I always thought that it would be good to be able to try new recipes without having to buy huge big packs of things that you may not need. I’d seen this concept in other markets and I thought there was a huge need for it here in Australia.

Do you think that Australians have a problem with eating healthy food?

Australia LOVES food and who wouldn’t!  There is so much amazing fresh produce and differing cuisines available around every corner. But sometimes its easier to reach for fast-food or takeaway instead of a wholesome, home-made meal. HelloFresh is all about making healthy eating accessible to all by demonstrating how simple it is to eat well. If you start with good ingredients, you don’t need to do too much to them to get a good (healthy and delicious) outcome. This empowerment is something that we’re really proud of and whether a customer is with us for one week or one year they will add a few new healthy options to their repertoire.

Why do you think so few people cook at home?

I think it’s got a lot to do with time. If you’re dealing with long hours at work, school runs, the gym after work – something’s gotta give. And it’s not so much the time cooking but the time shopping and planning that makes cooking difficult. We like to keep all our recipes quick and easy so that they’re basically more convenient than racing up the road to grab that pad thai.

Do you think food wastage is a problem here?

It’s incredible how much food is thrown out each week in a household. It really is a huge problem, I think many people get cornered whilst shopping for food and buy too much and at the end of the week it all ends up in the bin. As well, people are forced to buy more than they need for a recipe. I know my pantry has stuff lurking in the back that probably hasn’t been touched since the early 90s.

How do you think HelloFresh helps people stay healthy?

In a number of ways. Firstly all of the meals are well portioned and provided with nutritional information. We have an emphasis on healthy food but we’re not so militant about that you feel like you’re on half rations of brown cardboard. Secondly, there is great health in a varied and balanced diet – which we provide. And, if you’re cooking at home with HelloFresh there are less processed foods and hidden ingredients in your meals. Finally, we teach people how to feed themselves well which is a point of difference compared to many other ready to heat and ready to eat options.

What is some of the feedback you’d had?

We have had customers come back and tell us we have made their lives easier and helped them reach their weight-loss goals. We have had other customers tell us that they’ve tried, and loved, something that was never on their radar. Most of all, we love it when we hear people have learnt new skills, like how to make Risotto or a mini lamb roast!

Is there a recipe you have that’s your favourite?

There are so many to choose from! But I have to say the Prawn Saganaki is a highlight. It seems like holiday food – or at least something you’d reserve for a weekend project but you can literally knock it up in 20 minutes on a Tuesday night.

What would be your best cooking/eating healthy tip?

Know what goes into your meals.

HelloFresh are offering a special deal to Lip readers! Enter the code HFLIP at the checkout to get a $30 coupon to use on your order.

Terms and conditions are: This voucher is only valid on a household’s first box of recipes and produce. Not valid on Gift boxes or Fruit Boxes. Order online. When using this card you will be signed up to an ongoing subscription service. Cancel any time. Notice must be given by Wednesday 4pm before the next scheduled delivery. Email [email protected] to cancel. Full terms & conditions available at

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  1. Ho I’m already a subscriber! But it’s definitely worth it, it’s convenient and quite fun to cook most of the recipes.
    The interview’s very intersting btw!!

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