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In Brief : new app helps call out sexist advertising via Twitter


No one will be surprised to hear that sexism is alive and well in advertising, particularly for popular or mainstream products. We published an article this week about employees being sacked from an Indian advertising firm for producing deeply sexist posters for a Ford car ad; a recent ad for a Playstation console featured a woman with four breasts; and basically every ad for shampoo, sanitary products or cleaning products capitalize off gender stereotypes.

Various activist organizations have been calling out sexist or offensive advertising for years (Collective Shout are a particularly good example), but now a new app is being developed to create a platform for users to speak out against sexist advertising and boycott products – sending a strong message to businesses everywhere.

#NotBuyingIt is an app being developed by activist organization, MissRepresentation. The app will allow users to browse sexist adverts, photograph ads, and name and shame companies that use sex to sell.

MissRepresentation say on their website, ‘With this app users will be able to upload sexist or inspiring media they see, scroll through images posted by others, and immediately let brands on Twitter know how they feel!

‘We’re putting the power back in the hands of the consumer. In a media environment where women continue to be valued primarily for their youth, beauty and sexuality, it’s time we took a collective stand.’

The app is being funded through crowdfunding via IndieGogo. So far, they have raised $20,050 of the $20,000 goal.

Check out the MissRepresentation website for more details!

What do you think guys – will an app like this make a difference to advertising culture? 

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