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in brief: women choose phones over sex



Women like touching their touch screens more than they like touching bodies, according to a recent study.


An American company, Sachs Media Group, conducted a survey revealing women’s apparent addiction to technology. The survey pooled 1,000 participants across the United States, asking them to select which vice they would be least likely to relinquish for a week: smartphone or tablet, caffeine, alcohol, or sex.


Of the participants, 20% of men aged 18 to 34 said going without gettin’ lucky for a week would be the last thing they’d do. However, a tiny 5% of female participants in the same age group said sex was their favourite thing—making up just one quarter of male counterparts with the same mindset.


Comparatively, 34% of women said that they would be least likely to give up their smartphone or tablet. 21% of men agreed.


The results don’t necessarily mean that women are less interested in sex—perhaps that they are just utility-minded. As a society, we can’t leave the house without our phones, but we can certainly conduct our day-to-day activities sans sexual intercourse. When presented with a list of things to potentially go without for a week, the necessity of each item might come to the forefront of the mind. In this digital age of ours, giving up a phone is not generally considered a ‘sensible’ thing to do. After all, without a phone, arranging to see people for coffee or drinks, or sex for that matter, can become extremely difficult.


However, for those who think hedonistically (and considering the options in the survey, hedonistic thinkers may have been the target audience), choosing an enjoyable activity or item is a high priority. One thing to draw from this survey may be that, on the whole, men think about the enjoyment they receive from things in their life, rather than the necessity of them. Their biggest vice was alcohol, although not by as much as women preferred smartphones—just over a quarter of men voted for booze.


The study also found that 26% of men were least likely to pass up a drink, and 23% to go without caffeinated beverages. For women, caffeine tied with the smartphone at 34%, while alcohol was the highest preference 20% of the fairer sex.


Another thing to consider is why exactly these four things were chosen as potential ‘go-withouts’. Are these really the only four things that we could possibly be addicted to, to the extent where we suffer if we have to give them up for seven days?


Full survey results and a report on the survey are available on Sachs Media Group’s website.


By Michelle See-Tho


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Lipsters, what would you be least likely to give up? Smartphone, caffeine, alcohol, or sex?



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