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internet babe molly soda on fashion and girl hate

Molly Soda photographed by Todd Diederich

Molly Soda photographed by Todd Diederich

She has a pet rat called ‘Buttloaf’ and one of her performance art videos just sold for $1,600 USD at the first ever digital art auction. Pretty much, Molly Soda is a self described ‘artist, internet persona, general webcam “diva” living the ~*dream*~’. TRU. Her super popular blog is filled with personal confessions, video art and oddities from the early days of the world wide web, and has generated a damn solid following. Whether or not you’re into the cyber aesthetic that essentially repurposes everything you thought was cool in year 6, Molly is a the paradigm tumblr icon. Recently, I hit up the internet bad girl to talk about fashion and feminism.

ISABELLE HELLYER: (Insert obligatory ‘describe your style question’ question here.)

MOLLY SODA: I think it’s pretty much all over the place. I don’t really care about “fashion” that much I usually just wear big t-shirts or crop tops. I literally cut everything I own into a crop top. I don’t think I own a sweater that is fully intact. Winter is harsh.

 IH: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

MS: All over the place! Usually other cute girls I see in real life or on the internet. For example, the other day I saw this woman on the bus wearing these amazing fitted overalls and she looked so good and ever since then I’ve been on a quest for the perfect pair of overalls.

IH: On Tumblr lots of people celebrate your art and aesthetic, but has your appearance ever disadvantaged you or gotten a negative response?

 MS: My appearance hasn’t disadvantaged me. Sometimes old women give me dirty looks or someone will yell “it’s not halloween” at me but who cares. It’s kind of funny.

 IH: Do you have a certain piece of clothing that makes you feel super sassy?

 MS: I don’t know if this counts as clothing, but my friend Amy made me a harness out of beads (those colorful raver beads) and it’s definitely my favorite thing to add over any outfit.

 IH: Can you tell me about one piece of clothing with a great back story or special memory attatched to it?

MS: I have a pair of orange underwear that I wore when I modeled for the photographer Richard Kern a long time ago. He brought them for me to try on and I ended up keeping them. They are so ugly and have this weird hole cut out at the top, but I can’t throw them away because, you know… memories.

 IH: What (unfortunately) common expectation about how women should dress would you most like to see disappear?

MS: I kind of hate that women are expected to dress “sexy” for their lovers. Women spend so much money on sexy lingerie and lingerie is fun and cute and stuff but who are you buying it for? One time I spent like $100 on sexy underwear for an ex-boyfriend and I’m so embarrassed I ever did that.

You can peep Molly here, check her YouTube here and shop her online clothing store here!

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