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Tuesday 3 June 2014

sisyphus and surplus: mel o’callaghan and the 2014 budget

Claire Capel-Stanley
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  I stand shivering lightly in my black singlet and stretchy black pants, flexing each knee again and again, standing on tiptoe to combat the air which has only just turned cold. I am with a group of others, and we arrange ourselves in a line at the door. ‘Ok, who wants what?’ our leader…
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Monday 5 May 2014
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why we need feminist art criticism: a response to jonathan jones

Claire Capel-Stanley
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    I once had a lecturer who remembered attending a symposium on feminist art history in the 1980s, just after Griselda Pollock’s landmark text Vision and Difference: Feminism, Femininity and Histories of Art had been published. Pollock had attended this particular symposium, along with other prominent feminist art historians, artists and critics. Summing up…
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Friday 6 December 2013


Lauren Strickland
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You walk in through the cavernous foyer, conscious of the sound of your footsteps and the echo they make. The door, with the number 19 lettered across it, is open. Looking in down a short corridor, there are exposed concrete walls and a sign with crooked lettering. You walk down the corridor and are steered…
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Tuesday 29 October 2013
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internet babe molly soda on fashion and girl hate

Isabelle Hellyer
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She has a pet rat called ‘Buttloaf’ and one of her performance art videos just sold for $1,600 USD at the first ever digital art auction. Pretty much, Molly Soda is a self described ‘artist, internet persona, general webcam “diva” living the ~*dream*~’. TRU. Her super popular blog is filled with personal confessions, video art…
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