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The Body Luv Project – it’s time to love yourself!

Body Luv

ATTENTION all males and females who are short, tall, fat, thin, in between size, frizzy haired, no haired, hairy legs, pimpled, wrinkled, wrinkle-free, cellulicious, bodacious, scrumptious and all or none of the above.

You are beautiful, and that is all.

Fuelled by an empathetic concern for the widespread negative light many people see themselves in, Brisbane community services student Amy Shambrook decided to use her advocacy assignment as an opportunity to add a little extra positivity to our busy world of advertisements and social pressures.

The Body Luv Project is one of the newest online projects combating that ever lingering stereotype of beauty through self awareness and advocacy for the beautiful individual. Focusing on the acceptance and celebration of all body shapes and sizes, Amy’s on a mission to encourage a greater variety of people to find their inner solace and beauty. And just because the ‘beautiful’ are celebrities plastered in nearly all aspects of our lives, it doesn’t mean that should be what we aspire to look like.

‘Everyone on TV looks so similar and if they had a greater variety of people on shows like Home and Away,  then people wouldn’t be so shocked when they see someone who is an amputee or who has burns scars or a birth mark or anything unique,’ she says.

‘I get sick of people staring and being rude when they see someone who looks different. I want to get people feeling more positive about their body.’

Amen sister. And I’m not the only one singing praise. Multi-talented and simply divine Australian musician, Katie Noonan had her bit to say when she endorsed The Body Luv page on Facebook.

‘I love my body and all its perfect imperfections,’ she wrote. ‘I love that I am able to make a baby inside it. I love that my saggy boobs fed my babies for over a year each. I love the stretch marks that remind me where my hips, boobs and babies grew.

‘I love my curves BUT I also love slender ladies, tall ones, short ones, cute ones, wobbly ones, firm ones, able bodied ones, disabled ones, old ones, wrinkly ones, hairy ones, waxed ones even smelly ones ( well maybe not quite as much the very last one!)…..

‘Let’s give our bodies the love it gives us back. Nurture it, be kind to it and LOVE it.’

So if you too, are sick of being bombarded with unrealistic and non-diverse images of people deemed beautiful by advertising companies, or feel you could help share a little body luv to someone feeling a little low, take a squiz at The Body Luv’s facebook page and be bombarded by articles, images and words of wisdom that will make you feel happy and all fuzzy on the inside.

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