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healthy bytes: spring into spring!


It’s the second day of spring – that means it can only get warmer from here! I don’t know about you, but now that winter’s finally over I feel less like a fat caterpillar in my coats and scarves and more inspired to venture out into the fresh air.

Looking for ideas on what to do outside this spring? This week I interviewed a range of people about how they like to get active in the warm-ish months of September, October and November.

What’s your favourite way to get active in spring?

Nikita, 21, swimming teacher: ‘Going for a walk along the promenade in Warrnambool with friends because it’s a great way to get fit and catch up with friends, plus such a beautiful view!’

Matilda, 17, waitress: ‘It’s warmer and nicer on the beach, so board training or swimming.’

Alice, 21, English tutor: ‘Definitely a morning jog or bike ride.’

Matthew, 20, student: ‘A long bike ride along the Yarra, run around the Botanical Gardens in the sunshine, relax outside in the evening…. And finish all that off with a coffee from café Gaia – it’s worth it!’

Amy, 21, chef: ‘Putting the dog in the car and heading out to Killarney Beach for a stroll!’

Jeremy, 21, writer: ‘Bouldering! It’s horizontal rock climbing without ropes. Google Burnley Bouldering Wall. It’s free!’

Danny, 19, musician/telemarketer: ‘Drumming, all year round! Because it combines my two favourite activities, dancing and smashing things!’

Bella, 20, student: ‘Weeeooow, just this minute got back from a run, so maybe that! You can feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face, and the rhythm you develop is really therapeutic (hah!). Otherwise, bike rides along the river with friends – that doesn’t even feel like exercise.’

Angela, 50, GP trainer: ‘Getting out in the garden.’

Jess, 21, editor: ‘My favourite way to get active is to go bikeriding with friends.’

Rafael, 22, writer: ‘Apart from all the stuff I normally do, I’ve started chessboxing, which is the perfect transitional sport from thinking to exercise…’

Ella, 11, student: ‘Netball finals!’

Henry, 19, waiter: ‘Lifting weights to get my beach body ready for summer!’

Tom, 19, maths tutor: ‘Well I’m training for the October marathon right now, so that’s what I’ll be doing for the next few months.’

Aanika, 22, student: ‘Epic springcleaning and gardening.’

Abra, 19, writer: ‘Going for a walk when it’s actually warm and pleasant!’

Daryl, 50, maths teacher: ‘Mentally active by following the racehorses, and physically active by walking the dogs along the beach. And mowing the lawn.’

How are you going to get active this spring? Share your plans below!

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