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daily feminist news: 07.10.13

Image via Daily Life

Image via Daily Life

Do Not Want: The face-bra will (not) make you look younger.

If you’re a female over the age of oh, I dunno, twelve, you probably have an extensive knowledge of the cornucopia of products, contraptions and elixirs available to make you conform to cultural ideals of beauty/youth/sexiness. Well, here’s another thingamybob to add to the list. Introducing the anti-aging ‘Face-Bra,’ a weird/stupid mask thing that you wear like a muzzle to correct your smile and prevent the forming of laugh and frown lines.

Women doctors sexually harassed by patients.

A recent study has found that over 50 per cent of female general practitioners have experienced some form of sexual harassment from a patient. Most common forms of harassment involved inappropriate requests to examine… Certain areas and improper exposure of said areas. Women doctors also reported being inappropriately touched or grabbed and subjected to verbal sexual harassment. Less than seven per cent of those studied indicated that they had received any training regarding how to deal with such patient behavior. Gross.

Republican Party badges: Hilary Clinton’s ‘fat thighs, small breasts.’

Anti-Hilary Clinton badges at a Republican Party convention in California were emblazoned with ‘KFC Hilary Special: Fat thighs, small breasts… Left wing.’ Sound familiar? Seriously, these “jokes” are clearly totally unoriginal and whoever even laughed the first time probably spends too much time in a basement eating KFC and wondering why women don’t realise how much of a nice guy he is.

The voice of Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri, revealed.

Ever since Apple launched its voice controlled virtual assistant, Siri, with the release of the iPhone 4S, users have been curious to know who the voice belongs to. Who is the real Siri? It has recently been revealed that the voice of our friendly virtual PA belongs to Susan Bennett, a voice-over actress from Atlanta. Bennett, who ‘began [her] career as a machine many years ago’ also voiced in-flight announcements for Delta Airlines and provided the TV voice for First National Bank’s ‘Tillie-the-all-time-teller,’ the first ATM.

One thought on “daily feminist news: 07.10.13

  1. Susan Bennett has gone public claiming to be the voice of the American Siri, though Apple have not confirmed. Karen Jacobsen is the voice of the Australian Siri, and also the voice of a variety of GPS systems.

    Sorry for the editorial, but coming from within the industry… credit where credit is due. 🙂

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