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Friday 17 February 2017

self-help, beauty privilege, and the truth about confidence

Rosalind Moran
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Confidence is widely considered an excellent quality. It’s associated with communication skills, social suavity, and success. Studies even show that people possessing strong self-confidence earn more money than their less confident counterparts. Is it any surprise, therefore, that capitalist Western culture in particular places such emphasis on self-esteem? Self-help culture has grown from the notion…
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Tuesday 6 September 2016

what is her name? : aurora

Anna Samson
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‘What is Her Name?’ is a series of short essays that explore the reality of what it means to be a woman living in a patriarchal world. Each essay takes the name of a woman whose place in history or in culture serves as a platform for examining different female experiences. The accumulative aim of…
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Thursday 30 April 2015
Featured Feminism Life Opinion

east vs west vs choice: cultural standards of beauty

Karen Liu
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For most of my childhood I remained blissfully oblivious to any notion of beauty standards. In primary school, I was always the ‘tomboy’ – someone who shunned the school dress for pants and a long sleeved polo and who spent lunchtimes playing rugby and soccer. Yet this wasn’t just a phase that characterised my pre-adolescent…
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Saturday 18 April 2015
Arts Fashion

and i’m feelin’ good: what fashion means to me

Jay Ong
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Some people think fashion is superficial, and something akin to an unnecessary, pointless and expensive hobby. But wait, I know what you’re thinking. How very dare they. Take my parents, for a spiffy example. To them, appearance is a matter of buying clothes to put on your body so that, simply put,  you are not naked. End…
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Wednesday 3 December 2014
Featured Life Opinion

i tried to go makeup-free for a month (and it made me feel like utter crap)

Kaylia Payne

A few months ago I decided to go sans makeup for a month in order to write an article about the experience. I had the entire piece written in my head, even before that first day of heading to work with my au naturel face on display for the world to see. In this article,…
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Wednesday 27 August 2014
Featured Health

clean, green & ethical beauty (part one): the toxins

Shaza Barbar
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Earlier this year, we found out that on average woman spends 55 minutes in the morning getting ready. But did you know that in the time it takes you to get ready in the morning, you’ve already ingested up to 168 chemicals? And by purchasing some of the beauty brands on the market, you could…
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Wednesday 30 April 2014
Arts Fashion

fashfest designer profile: the darling sisters

lip magazine
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    Name: Maria Ramsden and Leanne Dempsey Label: The Darling Sisters Web address and/or FB address:   Where are you based?  Gold Creek, Nicholls, ACT How did you get into fashion and what do you love about it compared to other types of design? We are not designers but heritage professionals with a…
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Wednesday 23 April 2014
Featured Opinion

the pressures of instafame: a chat with asher britton

Adriana Barro

*Trigger alert: Discussion of eating disorders and self-harm* The idea of being an online celebrity has surely crossed the minds of many social media users during those lonely afternoons when a selfie with your dog only attracted one like – from your sister. Although it may seem glamorous to be followed by thousands upon thousands…
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Saturday 12 April 2014

beauty in a patch: what’s wrong with the new dove ad

Emilie Bertsch
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Well, well, well, it looks like Snickers has some competition. It seems that another “empowering” advertisement, this time from the cosmetics brand Dove, has missed its mark and voyaged way off centre with its new video: Dove Patches. The new marketing campaign sees five physically and emotionally insecure women wear the ‘revolutionary’ RB-X Beauty Patch,…
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Wednesday 22 January 2014
News Opinion

are you buying aerie’s ‘real’ beauty?

Ally Van Schilt

American clothing and accessories retailer American Eagle’s sister lingerie store, Aerie has recently launched its newest advertising campaign for Spring 2014 entitled ‘Aerie Real’. This campaign features all un-airbrushed, un-retouched models. In a statement released on Friday, Aerie announced that the ads are supposedly ‘challenging supermodel standards by featuring un-retouched models in their latest collection…
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Sunday 15 December 2013

memoir: wax on, wax off

Dzenana Vucic
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There is a woman applying hot wax to my arsehole. I’m on a massage table, lying on my side facing a stark white wall. And there is a woman applying hot wax to my arsehole. She’s asked me to bring my knees to my chest and ‘pull up’ with a hand on my right buttocks….
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Friday 29 November 2013
Arts Culture Opinion

why making frida kahlo ‘pretty’ is petty

Sarah Iuliano

When I was doing my HSC, I had a major art crush on Frida Kahlo. I loved her artwork and the story of her life so dearly that I dressed up as her for a class presentation on her creative process. Yes, yes, I was sporting a moustache and mono brow drawn on with kohl….
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Wednesday 27 November 2013
News World

in brief: beauty salon in Britain charges ‘fat tax’

Matilda Mornane
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    A beauty salon in South Kensington, Britain, has been charging larger women extra for their leg waxes. While the salon doesn’t promote this, it is a policy that they implement behind closed doors. A British newspaper sent a plus size model into the salon, called MM Bubbles, who was charged an extra £5…
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Thursday 7 November 2013
Art Culture

exhibition review: edward steichen & art deco fashion

Amy Nicholls-Diver
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2013 is the year of the 1920s love-in. Since the release of Luhrmann’s film adaptation of The Great Gatsby, elements of the Jazz Age have infiltrated themes of countless parties, fashion, television and art. The opening of Edward Steichen & Art Deco Fashion at the National Gallery of Victoria either capitalises on this trend or…
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