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feminism and testicles: tracey spicer versus misogynists

I almost feel sorry for today’s misogynists. They’ve taken quite the beating lately (from our Prime Minister and from the public). If this goes on I might find it within my heart to lend them a box of tissues. Lavender scented, of course.

Recently, journalist Tracey Spicer wrote an open letter to misogynists. In the letter, she thanked the sexist men she has worked with over the past 25 years for everything they taught her.

‘I had no idea I was so fat, ugly and stupid.

‘When you yelled across the newsroom, “I want two inches off your hair and two inches off your arse”, suddenly, a light went on.

‘Of course! The size of my posterior is directly related to the content and credibility of the stories I’m reporting on for this network. Silly me.’

The article currently has the most comments on The Age’s website (924 compared with 456 for the second most popular article). The letter also went viral on Twitter, with users saying the piece was ‘bloody brilliant’ and ‘just outstanding’.

It’s easy for Julia Gillard to point a finger at Tony Abbott.  It’s not so easy to point a finger at faceless corporations – the sexism ingrained in our very culture. This is why it’s so important that open letters like Tracey Spicer’s continue to get written. That our politicians (both male and female) take a stand against pig-headed indecency. That each and every one of us stands up to someone who makes a sexist remark – whether it be on the street, in the workplace, or in our homes.

After all, if things get intense you can always hand them a box of lavender scented tissues.

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18 thoughts on “feminism and testicles: tracey spicer versus misogynists

  1. This is so true. The greatest (well maybe not the greatest, but maybe the most validating) is the kind of comments articles like Spicer’s attract. Lots of men, saying things like, what did you expect? All newsreaders are hot! Don’t bite the hand that feeds you! Shut up! Stop making us men feel like bad people! Where are the articles with male bias huh? HUH?

    And they say there’s no problem with sexism in our culture.

  2. Lavender-scented tissues?

    So…the most contemptuously insulting sneer Ms Carmody could think of against misogynists was to insinuate that they are….gay? Feminists have to stop hate-mongering if they want anyone to take them seriously.

    Just out of curiosity, why do feminists bash gay men every chance they get? Feminists never tire of two things: moaning about being oppressed, and oppressing others. Take some advice: embracing bigotry is not the best way to claim the moral high ground. No-one likes hypocrites.

    Criticism of Julia Gillard is misogyny. Criticism of President Obama is racism. Criticism of Adolf Hitler was unpatriotic. Anyone see a pattern? No politician is above criticism. To think otherwise would be dangerous. The PM’s accusation of Tony Abbot’s non-existent misogyny was a transparent tactic to divert attention away from her incompetence. If you were taken in by it, then I am embarrassed for you.

    Ms Carmody urges her readers to “stand up” against sexism – and in the very next sentence, repeats the same homophobic remark she opened with. She must be very proud of it.


    • Mr Bob has a point: One can’t help but notice the spooky similarities between the Reich and the Lucky Country.

      I didn’t know lobotomies were still conducted in the developed world. (No doubt an initiative of that man-eating harpy in government, thinks Mr Bob.)

    • lol you think offering tissues marketed at women to pricks who hate women is homophobic

      making no goddamn sense is not the best way to claim the moral high ground

      • Well, it is clearly intended as an insult, is it not? He is either implying that these people are inferior because they are comparable to gays, or because they are comparable to women.
        Was the comment an example of homophobia or misogyny?

  3. Sorry Andybob — I just re-read Broede’s article with your comment in mind and I can’t find the homophobia of which you speak…? Confuseddd, please explain?

    • What reason could Mr Carmody possibly have had to offer those creepy misogynists “lavender-scented tissues” except to insinuate that misogynists are a bunch of fags? (Cue laughter)

      There is no other reason, and Mr Carmody kows it – ask him. It is a massive error to allow any form of bigotry to infect your website, Ms Mahony. It undermines your credibility as a beacon for human rights. Strong opinions can be powerfully expressed without resorting to hate-mongering and disrespect – especially in the feature posts.

  4. I’m not sure if andybob actually read your article Broede. But then by knowing you it could taint the light I see the article written in! Well done sweet!

  5. “Lavender-scented tissues.”

    “Lavender” has a long history as a code-word representing all things gay: “lavender cover-up” etc. If Mr Carmody is not aware of this, then it is time he were.

    Please advise “elizabethstreet” that name-calling undermines the credibility of this site. Points can be made without stooping to schoolyard taunts. Grow up.

    • i’m sorry andybob- stating that your accusations of homophobia made no goddamn sense when your accusations of homophobia made no goddamn sense was puerile and offensive. i’d like to extend my apologies to you, to the author and to lipmag. my bad.

  6. Man-eating harpie? She’s nothing of the kind. Julia Gillard is a man-friendly sheila who loved her dad and a beer with the boys. She’s also a politician. As such, she is not above criticism. To suggest otherwise is extremely naive.

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  8. “Can’t get enough of intelligent, thoughtful feminist content?”

    Isn’t that question oxymoronic?

    Hey, I got a question for ya’ll. Have you ever considered the idea that no matter what you look like,who you bone, or what god or lack thereof you worship,probably every person on earth gets teased for the group they belong to? That there may be nothing at all special or unique about your life experiences?

    Oh,by the way, the 50’s called. They said there’s nothing particularly original or avant-garde about blaming straight white males for all of the problems of the world.

  9. ‘Of course! The size of my posterior is directly related to the content and credibility of the stories I’m reporting on for this network. Silly me.’

    FAIL. Nobody said that your fat ass is related to your stories. News flash: it isn’t. What it IS related to is ratings. You’re not selling just news. You aren’t even PRIMARILY selling news.

    You’re selling entertainment. And when dealing with entertainment, the prettier you are, the better you sell.

    Don’t like it? Tough. It’s reality, and it’s nature. (Yes, it is. Consider mating habits of nearly every species that exists. It’s nature. If you can’t see how the two connect, then I can’t help you.)

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