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feminist news round-up: 05.04.14

Image: Daniel Lobo

Image: Daniel Lobo


Catch up on all the feminist news from all around the world this week on Lip!

65 per cent of Brazilian survey respondents agreed that women who dressed provocatively ‘deserved’ to be raped. A further 58 per cent claimed that if women ‘knew how to behave’ there would be less rape. A significant portion of respondents to the survey were women.

This viral cosmetics ad shows models removing their make-up to reveal what’s underneath.

Why it’s time to stop using the ‘boys will be boys’ line.

Massachusetts rules to end the inhumane shackling of pregnant women in prisons.

Belittling pink/princess culture among girls only perpetuates the devaluation of femininities.

The truth about photography and brown skin.

Why ‘Your Mum’ jokes are sexist and ageist.

This creep films himself pretending to have sex with random women in public without them knowing.

This artist questions the way we see bodies, beauty and appearances.

On Lip this week …

Study finds disappointing HPV vaccination rates in Australia.

Teenage surfer, Olive Bowers challenges sexism in surf culture.

Haim doesn’t want to be called a ‘girl band,’ says it’s offensive.

Australia’s first female Governor General, Quentin Bryce has now stepped down.

The High Court ruled in favour of recognising ‘gender-neutral’ as a third gender category in NSW.

What’s been on your news radar this week, Lipsters?
Anything interesting, weird or wonderful you’ve stumbled across?
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