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feminist news round-up: 09.03.14

Image: Daniel Lobo

Image: Daniel Lobo

Google celebrates International Women’s Day with a special doodle and video.

Here are 22 inspiring Australian women. From ‘Miles’ Franklin, Fanny Cochrane Smith to Jean Macnamara. Don’t know who they are? Check this out!

Reuters presents a stunning set of portraits of mothers and daughters from around the world for International Women’s Day.

Things that haven’t changed for Australian women since the 1960s. Like equal pay, lack of access to adequate paid parental leave and continued discrimination against LGBTIQ women.

Michaelia Cash, Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Women’s Affairs, is not a feminist. Says she doesn’t have to be. Also wants nothing to do with those man-hating femos.

In Other News…

International study finds Norwegian men do most unpaid labour, Japanese men do the least. While Turkish women do the most.

American Apparel objectifies women of colour in order to promote fair labour practices.

Redesigned women’s magazines highlight global violence against women and girls.

Female pilot responds to passenger’s sexist remarks.

Lily Allen: ‘Men aren’t the enemy, women are the enemy.’

On Lip This Week…

What a conscience vote would mean for the future of marriage equality in Australia.

Tony Abbott claims he’s totes a feminist.

Ugandan anti-pornography laws incite slut-shaming and violence against women.

Women in Saudi Arabia continue to fight for their rights.

An anonymous nun apologises to the trans* community for the damages done to them by the Catholic church.

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