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in brief: beauty salon in Britain charges ‘fat tax’




A beauty salon in South Kensington, Britain, has been charging larger women extra for their leg waxes.

While the salon doesn’t promote this, it is a policy that they implement behind closed doors.

A British newspaper sent a plus size model into the salon, called MM Bubbles, who was charged an extra £5 on top of the previously advertised price. When the model, identified as Helen, questioned the charge, the salon owner said, ‘I know maybe for you it is not very nice, but I use more stuff.’

Women below a size 12 are charged a regular £21 (around $35.85 Australian dollars) for their leg wax, while women over size 12 are charged an additional £5 ($8.54 AUD), and women over size 18 are charged an additional £10 ($17.07 AUD).

Understandably, many women are extremely angry over this revelation about the up market beauty salon.

The owner at MM Bubbles claims she has to use extra supplies when she waxes larger women, believing a ‘fat tax’ to be the solution to her problems. According to another report, the average woman in the UK wears a size 16, meaning it is likely that the salon owner is charging many of her customers that extra five to ten pounds.

Helen, the model sent ‘undercover’ by The Sun newspaper, told the paper that while she was okay with her size, ‘for other women worried about their weight, this could really devastate them.’

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