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in brief: sexism behind over-investment in cycling infrastructure

A recent report by RMIT University claims that cycling has received disproportionate government attention because cycling is by far the most male-dominated mode of transport.

Paul Mees and Lucy Groenhart published their report in December last year. They analysed the way residents in Australia’s capital cities travelled to work during the past 35 years.

The report states that policy makers are ‘still stubbornly clinging to road-based solutions’ which is ‘choking’ our cities.

According to the report, 77 percent of those who travel to work by bike are male. Men also accounted for 57 percent of those who drove to work. In contrast, women were overrepresented as car passengers, walkers and users of public transport.

The report says:

‘Some commentators in Australia and the United States have argued that the flexibility of the car makes it an ideal travel mode for women, whose travel patterns are often more diverse, in space and time, than men’s. By contrast, public transport, especially the fixed-rail variety, is said to be inflexible and thus unsuited to women’s needs.’

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7 thoughts on “in brief: sexism behind over-investment in cycling infrastructure

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  2. Cycling infra-structure was provided by greenies to encourage people to use environmentally-friendly modes of transport, especially those when commuting to work.

    It was discovered that women were either too lazy to use them, or too vain to ruin their coiffes by donning cycling helmets.

    However, this post suggests that the mean old patriarchy is to blame for women’s choices. Making your boyfriends/husbands chauffeur you around everywhere is a choice.

    Mr Carmody hoped that no-one would notice that the male:female ratio of cyclists was determined after building the infrastructure, making it impossible to conclude anything at about anything at all.


    • hey andybob whenever anyone tries to comment on your rant blog, it gets deleted.

      so why should anyone respond to anything you say?

      perhaps you should just crawl back to your blog and stick to circle jerking with your fanboys where you can delete anything you don’t agree with.

      • what’s most interesting is that there is never a single critical comment on anything andybob writes. the man can do no wrong!

        my advice to you andybob is that instead of deleting comments you don’t like, or foaming at the mouth with condescending rage at contrary opinions – try treating people you don’t agree with with a bit of respect and see how they respond.

        seriously, try it. write a comment on Lip where you’re not being a jackass. can you?

  3. How are women ‘lazy’ when they are the majority of people who walk to work according to the report? Further, this article is not about me ‘concluding’ anything. It’s about reporting on facts and letting the reader make up their own mind.

    By the way, who hyphenates infra-structure? It’s no longer 1874.

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