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news roundup: saturday may 16, 2015

Image: Daniel Lobo

Image: Daniel Lobo


Pregnant asylum seekers have difficulty accessing medical assistance on Nauru, Senate inquiry told

Pregnant asylum seekers detained on Nauru are unable to walk long distances across the island to gain medical treatment, a Senate Inquiry into the Nauru processing centre’s conditions and circumstances has been told.

Non-governmental organisation, Save the Children brought forth the allegations in a submission, noting the women were also purposely drinking less fluids.

Further submission sources say women make their own toilets or wet their beds to avoid crossing through open bushland at night under the intimidating watch of guards.

The news comes amid sexual assault allegations at the centre dating back to 2013.

Women are also forced to wear their husbands’ clothes as no maternity wear is made available to them.


US Congressman who urged mistress to get abortion votes for successful abortion ban

Tennessee Republican Scott DesJarlais voted for a federal ban on abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy, after reportedly urging a mistress to undergo the procedure.

The bill banning these vital reproductive healthcare procedures from 20 weeks was passed by the US House of Representatives on Wednesday.

Despite building his profile as a staunch pro-lifer, DesJarlais’s ex-wife also had two abortions prior to their wedding, which a divorce transcript allegedly shows he supported.

The former physician is one of 242 American Congress members who voted to pass this infringement of women’s reproductive rights, keeping up what his spokesperson called a ‘100 per cent pro-life voting record’ over his five years in politics.


Legal aid for domestic violence survivors given over Skype

More women in regional Victoria are accessing legal assistance via Skype to gain advice on domestic violence issues.

The Victoria Women’s Legal Service says more than 340 women have accessed services since the video link option was made available 15 months ago.

The news comes as Family Violence Prevention Legal Services and other forms of legal assistance received no mention of funding increases in the 2015 Federal Budget.

A Senate Finance and Public Administration Committee inquiry into access to legal assistance is presently underway to determine how the system is benefitting Indigenous people, with terms of reference addressing FVPLS and Indigenous women.


Bill Cosby avoids rape questions during interview

American Actor Bill Cosby has sidestepped inquiries about his sexual assault allegations during an interview with ABC News (US) about his involvement in an education initiative.

More than 30 women have brought accusations against Cosby since last year, but the 77 year old has not been charged.

During a ‘rambling’ interview with journalist Linsey Davis, Cosby diverged from questions about what he would do if a child asked him about the allegations, and asserted he would make a television comeback.


Melissa McCarthy slams sexist film critic                               

Actor Melissa McCarthy has highlighted the gendered imbalances of film critique in the latest edition of US magazine Entertainment Weekly.

The Tammy star spoke of an incident at last September’s Toronto Film Festival where she confronted a critic who said she was ‘only a good actor when [she] looked more attractive’ after he approached her during the event.

McCarthy reportedly slammed him with these valid questions, honing in on men in Hollywood and the journo’s own daughter:

  • ‘When John C. Reilly—or any actor—is playing a character that is depressed and dejected, would you say, “Well, you look terrible!”?’
  • ‘Do you tell [your daughter] she’s only worthwhile or valid when she’s pretty?’

The news comes as Isabella Rosselini heralds the difficulties in raising children while working in the industry.


Also in the news:

Trans* people more likely to have an eating disorder than cisgendered people,

Painting the town rainbow: Brisbane Story bridge to be lit up on May 17 for homophobia and transphobia awareness,

And murdered Sydney woman, Comrie Cullen had secret fund to escape husband.

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