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Brisbane SlutWalk



Just the word, written on the page like that, with no ‘connotations’ still makes me cringe. A word, used to keep women down, put them in their place, denigrate, shame.


Well, no more shame.

The Slutwalk is here.

The Walk started in Toronto, Canada in January of 2011, because of a shocking statement made by a representative of the Toronto Police. They stated, that if women did not want to be assaulted, it would be best for them not to dress like sluts. Like they were asking for it.

And so, the Slutwalk was born. Out of protest, out of rage, out of a need to be heard.

Essentially, the Walk says it’s about reclamation of the word. About giving a giant “fuck you” to the type of thinking that is still prevalent in society, not just in our police forces. The type of thinking that it depends on what a woman is wearing, how she is acting and who she is with, whether or not she’ll be assaulted or left alone. A society that still places the blame of sexual assault purely on the victim and not the perpetrator.

I viewed some of the images from the Toronto Slutwalk and some in particular stood out to me. One woman quoted something that was told to her:

The only way you’d get sex is if someone raped you.

This woman was fat. Sadly, that’s not the first time I’ve heard that quote said to a fat woman. It’s not the first time it’s been said to this fat woman.

The Brisbane Slutwalk is on May 28th. It starts at 2 pm at a venue to be determined. I will be attending. I will be showing solidarity with my peers. I will be hoping the message, ‘”Yes” means YES and “no” means NO – however we dress and where ever we go’ will be heard.

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  1. I posted an album on the SlutWalk in Brisbane 28 May 2011. It is on my facebook page – Jacques Maudy Photography. Click like and share it so the people who were there can tag themselves.

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