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how i learned to look like a doll from venus angelic

There is an interesting trend going around at the moment. And by interesting, I mean absolutely horrifying. The trend in question is girls and women trying to look like living dolls. If you haven’t heard about it or seen it yet, I’d suggest you have a look at Venus Angelic on YouTube. Her piece on ‘how to look like a doll’ has over three million hits alone, and the comments on youtube are overwhelmingly positive- which is a small yet worrying feat in itself.

Now don’t get me wrong, I support individuality and believe that people should be able to express themselves however they want. But while I was watching the video I became more and more disturbed. Here was a fifteen year old deliberately trying to look much younger, but at the same time playing it up in an almost sexy way. The hugging of a teddy bear, the baby voice and the way she writes things like ‘hello my dolly molly inky pinky cotton candy clouds’ at the beginning of each video while simultaneously winking and pouting at the camera, is blatantly appealing to the paedophilic element of society.

The main features Venus plays up are unnaturally smooth, blemish free skin using three coats of concealor on her entire face, and large eyes, which are achieved with the help of circle contact lenses (illegal in the US due to safety reasons)- features that are commonly associated with young children.

Even if Venus is doing this simply because she loves being cutesy, and even if people are watching and copying the videos for the same reason, it’s a pretty bad message to be putting out there; that childlike features and behaviour in teenagers and adults are something to be coveted and even to be seen as attractive. As one reader pointed out in an article discussing this issue, what else is a doll but an empty headed plaything?

However, this trend has also brought up another related concern I have had lately. This behaviour and look isn’t only for the small percentage of society who want to look like living dolls. This empty headed childish dumbing down is becoming more prevalent amongst women in general.

Actresses are ‘cutseying’ themselves up; having their photos taken with their eyes stretched unnaturally wide, a confused expression on their face, and their feet splayed pigeon-toed in a two year old way while they wear frilly dresses and hold lollipops or play on swing sets. Now I’m all for frilly dresses and bows, it’s the dumbing down that I just cannot handle.

A popular magazine that I’m sure you all read can’t go one sentence without typing something like ‘oh my wonderful gumdrops, how delightful are these adorable-schmorable shoes for our teensy-weensy footsie wootsies!’. It’s not that it’s an unintelligent magazine- they have some really powerful articles. So why can’t they write them like the grown intelligent women that they are?

Those for the trend argue that it’s better than girls going out in short skirts- that it’s bringing class and femininity back. I would argue that femininity does not involve sexualising childish ways. Because that’s exactly what it is doing. It’s using big eyes, ‘innocence’, and dumbing down as a way to appeal to boys, or should I say, men, which to me is creepy to the max.

I’m worried because women aren’t just wearing frilly dresses and once more coveting bows and dainty ballet flats in a bid to appeal to their inner child. They are also beginning to sound like their inner child too. And to be completely honest, not to offend anyone’s spawn or anything, but children are pretty goddamn stupid. There’s nothing wrong with childish wonder, but when a university graduate says things like ‘footsies’ and that their favourite activity is ‘making daisy chains’ something is going very wrong in society.

In conclusion, feel free to wear dresses and bows, but there’s nothing wrong with telling the world that you’re fucking awesome AND intelligent at the same time, rather than acting and posing like you’re six years old in a bid to seem ‘cute’.

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32 thoughts on “how i learned to look like a doll from venus angelic

    • No making them is illegal in America. I live in the states and own circle lenses. This article isn’t very dependable, whoever wrote this wrote based on oppenion not fact. I really do wish they had actually RESEARCHED or done an interview before writing this.

  1. I completely agree with this! I have actually started writing an article myself on these dolly girls for this reason and more. I would probably even like Venus if she didn’t dumb herself down. I get this feeling that she acts like a 5 year old to appeal to pedophiles. In anime, the annoying loli characters tend to act dumb and that’s what she’s mimicking. If men are attracted to this, it may be because it’s an ego boost for them. This act isn’t an accident in drawing in the perverted types, this girl labels herself as a blowup doll and what’s even more sickening is that her mother supports this.

    • Wow! This article is BS and so r u! Girls aren’t doing this to appeal to pedos OR look like empty headed playthings. This is a dress style and a way of life! I don’t see you making any comments about all the empty headed strippers out there who actually ARE doing what they do for male attention. So why attack the innocent? I LOVE my stuffed animals, and frilly dresses, and big ego Mimi cafe circle lenses!! Not dressing up as a hooker to attract pedos so get a grip! This is for fun and it’s our choice. I’m not telling you how to live so why are you judging my personal life choices?

    • Didn’t you used to play dress up as a kid? Didn’t you think it was amazing that you could reinvent yourself by just changing clothes? Wasn’t it just magical to you how you could stand out by dressing up like someone you know you aren’t but secretly wish you could be? That’s all it’s really about, honey. Being a kid again! ????

  2. I dont agree with this at all! They act like this because its fun and they like it! Their not trying to be a pedophile or something, they really think its cute and they dont care what others think of them! I mean their not doing this for boys or to try and look sexy. They really like it and so do i! Dont you think its fun to act like a child sometimes? Dressing and saying things like one is just fun! like to pretend your not in a society of boring workaholics, to be in a fun, cute, loving world. Dont you see that they like it and think its cute? who cares if their saying its cutsy wutsy? Just because their smart doesnt mean they have to walk around in a boring old suit all day like a workaholic and act all know-it-all. Who wants to be in a boring old suit all day when they could walk around with lolliops (which are yummy) and show off their frilly dresses. and venus angelic talks like that becuz she speaks 5 languages! and she was in japan and most the girls there have softer voices, so its not her fault she speak like that! I love the doll lolita style and Idont think there is anything wrong with it.

      • Thank you so much for standing up for girls like us! You truly are a sweet girl! This feels like woman’s rights all over again!

      • Omg! I am just PRAISING you right now!!!!!!!!!!
        If you were here next to me I’d just hug you! And for the record, nobody can help the way they talk so it really isn’t something people should be judgmental of.

        • Actually, the reason for her unnaturally baby like voice is because she speaks many languages so the accents blend together. Oh, and to Cinnamon, thank you for mentioning that!

        • Actually, the reason for her unnaturally baby like voice is because she speaks many languages so the accents blend together.

  3. oh and also, its better than them running around half naked, and getting pregnant at 16 like all the other girls these days. Their not trying to get older men, they really like this stuff. And so do I!

  4. Haha, circle lenses are illegal in the US, but every dumbass can buy a gun. Hilarious! Glad not to live in the US!

  5. Venus knows 5 languages. I’ve met her, she’s nice.

    There’s no need to be rude. You can express an opinion, even if it’s a negative one, without being rude. That’s whats childish. People who are rude.

    Venus isn’t rude. So maybe, she’s more mature than you people. Also, her look and behaviour is based around the Japanese ‘Kawaii’ astheatic. Do some more research before you be so judgemental and rude. You have to bear in mind that these are REAL people you’re talking about, with real thoughts and feelings and emotions. There’s no excuse to be ripping them to pieces over the internet, just because you don’t like how they look and act. If you want to say things about them, say it to their face.

    Oh, and as for acting ‘childish’, it’s called having fun, maybe you should try it, sweetie, you may like it .

    Have a good day, now 🙂

    • I agree, I myself am a doll attributer and do living doll makeup tutorials, I think it is a matter of opinion. Yes it is their choice, but they can just have fun, it isn’t a thing to be mean about!

      CherryBlossom X

  6. I love all of you kind people supporting human dolls! Just because somebody likes to dress like a doll and say words like “tootsies” doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings! We aren’t like Barbie or Bratz dolls that don’t have brains and are made of plastic. No. We are humans who have made our own choices on how to live instead of being slaves to society. At least we are creative and can express ourselves freely! Doesn’t that mean something to you? Think about that before you decide to judge us!

  7. Ok, so I really don’t think this is sending a good message about us “human dolls”. I really want people who are new to the topic to understand that we are nothing like what this website describes us to be.

    I’ll try to explain it like this. So imagine that everyone on this planet (animals, people, and plants included) is all just a blob. That’s right, just gray blobs with no facial features limbs or anything. All we have been doing is rolling around in circles for centuries and the blobs (who look like giant lumps of gray Playdough) are used to living that way. Then one day, a new blob comes. This blob is colorful, it likes to have fun and stand out from the crowd instead of just roll in circles. This has never happened to the blobs before and they don’t understand it. This is when hate starts to take root, people will envy this blob, people will assume things about it before they even meet it, and then there will be a small group of people who decide to follow in the blobs footsteps.

    That’s how things are for us “dollies”. Yes, I’ve dressed like a doll and still do. If any of you actually did met a real doll you would know this article is a lie. In fact, it’s harassment! We are actually very smart and extremely kind. Part of being a doll is innocence, so most of the things this website says would be frowned upon by all dollies. We just want to bring child like wonder back into our lives and stand out from the crowd, not be boring gray blobs! ^~^ That would be boring! So, before you choose to harass us or try to bring us down, remember that we are like a nation of people and are strong enough to be ourselves!

    • Also, I don’t see how this is “dumbing down”. This website isn’t only being offensive to us dolls, but also to children in the rude names they chose to call them. Am I the only one who saw that. I try to refrain from using language like that but are you kidding me? Now I’m really upset! You have crossed the line by putting not only an entire subculture of people down but also the future of our civilization!

  8. i agree with the people supporting living dolls cuz i think we shoud have our own sence of style and humor! its their life and if they choose to be that let them i think its adorable dressing pretty childish like ( in my opinion) i mean its a whole lot funner looking it that way just bringing childhood life over again and like i said “we can be who we wanna be not what people want us to be” its pretty annoying seeing alot of hate through internet about these girls i mean have a little bit of respect and grow up! you have your own personality and just like you wouldnt like people hating on u’s then stop hating on people you bearly even you soooo think before you speak !………<3

  9. im sorry if are style afends you in anyway, however we choose to look like this like you choose to look like how you look. looking like a doll is a personal style and by basically downgrading a 15 year old by saying she childish then shows how grown up you are?

  10. I personally don’t have a problem with the dolly thing.Who are they hurting?? No one right.. It is adorable to see them be free to dress up and be whoever they want to be.. Leave them alone.. We are not the same for a reason.. Let them be free to enjoy their lifestyle.

  11. Guys, she was just sharing her opinion. I personally want to become a living doll (clothes and make-up, not anything major!) because I think that it’s cute, fun, and sweet. But it’s her opinion. Oh well.

  12. I am part of the lolita community, similar to the type of style and trend you are hating on. There is no reason why anyone should hate on girl just being girls and having fun, expressing themselves though style.
    Dolly kei, lolita, etc is not about hating the looks, body, and life we have, its about embracing it and having fun expressing ourselves though clothing. Most girls who follow these ‘weird’ jfashion trends are really happy about how they look, they accept themselves and ignore nasty comments like this.
    Venus is actually a very nice girl and I personally think she is the best youtuber 🙂

    Also, please be mindful of karma

  13. This article is a moral panic. It is blowing an innocent trend out of proportion. Paedophilia is an orientation, not a learned behaviour so it isn’t as though people who weren’t paedophiles before are suddenly going to be attracted to children, even if they are attracted to older people who dress and behave like dolls. Also it’s a form of entertainment and its following is small. Even if you see lots of it in media, barely anyone goes around dressed like this except for at a convention. For heaven’s sake the way people act and dress for fun doesn’t make them dumb or less mature either! People are still getting educated and employed in spite of this trend. At least the trend is self aware – everyone knows it is make believe and fantasy – which is more than can be said for truly damaging trends like media’s love addiction with photoshop, where fantasy poses as reality. This whole article is fine and valid as some panicky person’s opinion but as a social commentary it is total bs.

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