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Wednesday 10 April 2013
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interview: gareth liddiard, the drones

Marissa Paine
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‘Dreams are like stars. They’re there during the day, but you just can’t see them’. That’s the Carl Sagan quote that Gareth Liddiard of The Drones paraphrases to explain the music on the band’s sixth studio album, I Sea Seaweed. If I’d been hoping to get a solid answer about the album’s concept,  I would…
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Friday 16 November 2012
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interview : stacey piggott, on music, promo and how to blow your own trumpet

lip magazine
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Stacey Piggott is one inspiring lady – not only is the she the director of Two Fish Out of Water, one of Australia’s leading music PR firms, but she’s taken the time to turn her 14 years of experience in PR to write a book – Blow Your Own Trumpet : A Musician’s Guide to…
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