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Friday 7 August 2015
Arts Theatre

what’s the matter with mary jane? review

Bridget Conway
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What’s The Matter with Mary Jane? is a powerful and heart wrenching one-woman show that’s been performed in various locations such as Melbourne, Hong Kong, and The Edinburgh festival, throughout its 20-year run. The show and the script have become a benchmark in schools and theatres alike for its truthful portrayal of what it’s like to…
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Thursday 10 April 2014
Fashion News

in brief: australian fashion week criticised for ‘too thin’ models

Shannon O'Keefe

The fashion industry has been long criticised over the use of unrealistically thin models and this year’s Australian Fashion Week has sparked debate once again on this issue. Dubbed ‘the Hunger Games’ because of its incredibly slender models, audience members worried about the health of the young ladies in front of them. Carla Zampatti’s show…
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Saturday 29 March 2014
Featured Health Opinion

anorexia: a child’s disease?

Shannon O'Keefe
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“Body image” is arguably the biggest issue affecting today’s society. Anorexia, bulimia and obesity are all eating disorders and eating disorders do not discriminate. It doesn’t care if you are female or male, thin or fat and, most importantly, what age you are , which is what a young girl in the UK found out….
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Friday 21 June 2013
Life Memoir

memoir: diagnosis

Theresa Kelly
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 **Trigger warning: Discussion of eating disorders** (middle school) The tiles were cold against my skin. In the pitch-black of the night, in our tiny box of a bathroom, I sprawled out. The scratchy blue rug – the old one my father had been begging my mother to throw away for years – acted as my…
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Monday 6 May 2013
Get Involved Health

ditch the diet and plate up the positives: the butterfly foundation and international no diet day

Ruth George
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  The pursuit of the ‘perfect’ body is not something new; one only needs to look at Classical Greek sculpture to realise that. And the idea that this kind of body exists and is attainable – if only we stick to the right diet – is a dangerous myth. Every week, it seems, a new diet…
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Wednesday 22 December 2010
Arts Culture Featured Opinion

Too fat for a ballerina?

Rebecca Howden
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Plenty of women would kill to look like Jenifer Ringer. The 37-year-old ballerina is slim, toned and healthy, with a million-watt smile, and something about her that just seems to sparkle. But according to New York Times critic Alastair Macaulay, this beautiful woman ‘looked as if she’d eaten one sugar plum too many’ in her…
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Wednesday 27 October 2010
Culture Fashion Opinion

lights, camera, anorexia

Emma Schenk

Fame, admiration, lust, constant smiles and a different designer dress every day. I must admit, the life of a fashion model sounds pretty good when put like this. But when you throw in the thermogenics, diuretics, appetite suppressants, amphetamines, and a few ‘grey market’ bodybuilding supplements, it’s starting to sound a little scary. Let’s put…
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