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Tuesday 7 June 2016
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MOGA: the new ethical headscarf brand empowering women and supporting education in pakistan

Dani Leever
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There are currently 5.1 million Pakistani children of primary school age who are out of school, according to the organisation CARE Pakistan. Of the poorest 20% of the population, two out of three young women do not go to school – it is one of the more severe situations for women’s education in the world….
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Thursday 5 June 2014
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ethical, affordable and accessible: the fabric social

Marissa Paine
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  1000 Pound Bend on Lonsdale Street in Melbourne’s CBD is packed when I arrive to chat to Fiona and Sharna of The Fabric Social, a startup born from the feminist peace movement that is currently doing the rounds on crowdfunding site, Pozible. In the backroom of the café, the opening night of the Emerging…
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Wednesday 7 August 2013

(eco) threads: alice sutton

Isabelle Hellyer
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The manufacturing industries of today are becoming increasingly concerned with sustainability as environmental health becomes more relevant than ever before. Accordingly, the world of fashion is beginning to grapple with this ethical and economic imperative – but how does an industry of extravagance, artistic expression and opulence shift to sustainability? It’s a complex task, but…
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Monday 6 May 2013
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factory collapse in bangladesh highlights unsafe conditions

Lou Heinrich
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By now, you would have heard about the intense tragedy of this Bangladesh garment factory’s collapse. Rana Plaza was an eight-storey building in Dhaka’s manufacturing zone, housing multiple factories where clothes for Western brands were manufactured. The owners and managing director of the complex allegedly ignored safety warnings and employees saw cracks in the walls…
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