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Wednesday 1 October 2014
Featured Feminism

a bastard of a job: a tentative defense of germaine greer

Ruby Grant

From the trail-blazing “saucy feminist that even men like!” to ‘controversial,’ feminist crone who has allegedly “stayed too long at the party,” Germaine Greer’s image and its relation to (white) Western popular feminism is complex.  The media has a funny relationship with Germaine Greer. Feminists have a funny relationship with Germaine Greer. Maybe the World…
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Wednesday 10 April 2013
Culture News Opinion

Monday Night’s Q&A – A Review

Broede Carmody
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Monday night’s episode of Q&A featured a panel comprised entirely of women. Brooke Magnanti, Germaine Greer, Mia Freedman, Deborah Cheetham and Janet Albrechtsen answered questions put to them by Toni Jones and the audience. I was really looking forward to the show—I expected rigorous debate (and, in particular, for Germaine Greer to intellectually body-slam the…
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Friday 7 September 2012
Culture Featured

the (non)sense of anti-feminists: germaine greer at the 2012 melbourne writers festival

Kate Barker
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The Melbourne Writers Festival has come and gone for another year. For three wonderful days I listened to ideas, discussion and debates about all manner of things. But the favourite was seeing and hearing Germaine Greer. I didn’t go to the keynote she presented but thought an individual session would be more about her own…
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Thursday 30 August 2012
Featured News

greer unapologetic for big crack at the PM

Melissa Koutoukidis

Renowned for her irreverence, more than 40 years after the publication of international best-seller The Female Eunuch Greer continues to spark controversy and leave outrage in her wake. The most recent debacle occurred in March 2012 when the trailblazer featured on the panel of ABC’s Q&A.  She not only criticised the fit of Julia Gillard’s…
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Friday 24 August 2012
Culture Featured

the (non)sense of anti-feminists: germaine greer

Kate Barker
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It is only a week till the Melbourne Writers Festival and I can’t wait!! I’m excited not only because I will be close to bakeries that make delicious cupcakes but also because I am going to see Germaine Greer. I find her fascinating not only as a person but also because no matter what anyone…
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Sunday 1 April 2012
Featured Opinion

bum-gate: should we care?

Emma Koehn

It can be a little hit-and-miss, but every couple of weeks Australia is sent into a minor tizz over words spoken on Q&A. The national panel show, now in its second full year of embracing the tweet-giest, can pull the odd controversial statement out and influence the tone of debates. Late last week we saw…
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