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Monday 7 September 2015
Life Travel

really honest postcards from lyon: part five

April Smallwood
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Be sure to check Lip in two weeks for the final instalment of Really Honest Postcards from Lyon, April Smallwood’s six part series on life as a young Australian expatriate in France. Dear JM, What is the latest and how is your heart? I was watching a talk by author and social researcher Hugh Mackay…
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Tuesday 29 April 2014
Life Opinion

what to do after you’ve given yourself permission to shine?

Alice McShane
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  Has anyone else noticed the terrifying lack of instructions on how to actually go about loving yourself? However, there is an overwhelming amount of life improvement lists upon which this handy trick appears. Invariably loving yourself pops up in the top spot, number one in a list of ways to make yourself happy or…
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Wednesday 30 January 2013
Culture Featured

5 ways to make someone’s day for under $5!

Amy Nicholls-Diver
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With the end of the silly season, money is tight. Whether it is a New Year’s resolution, or the inevitable result of splurging at the end of 2012, everyone is watching their wallets.  If you want to make a difference to the world, but find yourself broke, read on. There are heaps of things you…
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Wednesday 5 September 2012
Culture Featured

happiness: no longer just a luxury for retirement

lip magazine
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We’ve all seen or at least heard about it happening: the 45-55 year old dad,who starts sleeping with his secretary, buys a fancy car and starts up a random new hobby like entering the dog into shows or paragliding off the sides of cliffs. Through frequency this has become a normal matter of course and…
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Tuesday 4 January 2011
Culture Featured Opinion

the happiness project

Rebecca Howden
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Every year, starting from around November, I always become obsessed with the idea of a fresh start. That mythical new leaf that January 1st promises to turn for me, the idea that a new life and a new me is about to begin. A better me, and a better year. I feel this every year,…
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