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Friday 4 December 2015
Featured Life Politics

proposed tax reforms: how will they affect you?

Eliza Graves-Browne
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  The Turnbull Government has made it clear that ‘all options are on the table’ when it comes to tax reform. With a constant re-assurance that fairness is the most important element, is this really achievable? There has been recent media hype surrounding the proposal by South Australia Premier Jay Weatherill, regarding his proposal to…
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Wednesday 19 August 2015
News Politics

state treasurers plan to discuss tampon tax as Australian women become bloody fed up

Amy Mckenna
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  State and Federal Treasurers are set to meet in Canberra this Friday to discuss the rising issue of the tax on feminine hygiene products. This comes after the four Labor state governments put pressure on the other state governments to remove the infamous tampon tax. According to the Canberra Times, Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey…
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Wednesday 12 August 2015
Comedy Health Life Opinion Politics

period pieces: dear tampons

Loani Arman
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Period Pieces is Melbourne Fringe Festival comedian Loani Arman’s hilarious new series on menstruation. Be sure to check Lip every Wednesday for new instalments.   From:         Loani Arman ([email protected]) Sent:           Wed, 12 August 2015 2:57:15 PM To:              Tampons ([email protected])   Dear Tampons, It’s time to break up. I remember the first time we…
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Wednesday 3 June 2015
Health Politics

the tampon tax on Q&A: where are we now?

Hannah Story
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On Monday, May 25, young activist Subeta Vimalarajah appeared on Q&A to talk to Joe Hockey about the ‘tampon tax’. She and a group of fellow activists had sent in a video question, the group holding a giant tampon in their hands: ‘Mr Hockey, STOP TAXING MY PERIOD!’ The tampon was signed by supporters. ‘Do…
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Monday 4 March 2013
Featured Opinion

girl versus period

Emma Jones

Local supermarket, 8pm. I’m in tracksuit pants and no bra. The checkout operator smirks as he puts my items in a plastic bag. Two blocks of Caramello. Panadol. Tampons. The glint in his eye says: ‘I know about your unwelcome guest’. The answering glint in my eye says: ‘If you don’t wipe that grin off…
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Friday 15 February 2013
Featured Opinion

tampon tax: a #BloodyOutrage

Sara Berndt

Do you think tampons and pads are luxury items? Well, in Australia, women pay a 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST) on these items because they are defined as a luxury. Shall I use that in a sentence? ‘Gee whiz, it feels mighty luxurious when I am sitting in a public place and I’m not…
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