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hero condoms takes a shot at getting stocked in Priceline Pharmacies, and they need your help!

Image: Hero Condoms

Image: Hero Condoms

In the ever-present and isolating world of social media, we sometimes get caught up in our own headspaces. Don’t deny doing the typical thing, that I have often done, when receiving a Facebook event or seeing a Tweet about a not-for-profit cause or someone’s theatre show that they need you to help fund with Pozible, often ignoring it or put it on the back burner for later (only to end up forgetting about it). But this really begs the question: how hard is it to take a few minutes to read someone’s plea for help in spreading the word about a worthy cause? It really isn’t that hard. I think we should all commit to doing something like this once a day, such as signing on online petition, or reading an article about feminism, as these little things we do can make a difference. The internet and social media are our tools in the modern world; let’s use them wisely instead of turning a blind eye.

So with all of that in mind, let me present to you, my latest endeavour: getting Hero Condoms into Priceline Australia Pharmacies. I wrote about Hero for Lip a while back, check out the article here. Since then, I have joined Hero as an ambassador and am helping as much as I can to spread the good word.

Hero is a condom company founded by Dustin Leonard, first as a project for uni, but now it is a full-blown company, looking to make it big by getting the condoms stocked in large pharmacies such as Priceline. However, Hero is not just any condom company, because for every condom sold, they donate a condom to an AIDS organisation in Africa. They also donate to organisations that help provide antiretroviral treatment to expectant mothers who have HIV, in the hopes that their children don’t contract the disease. The AIDS epidemic in Africa is a continuing problem, and it has not and will not change overnight. Last but not least, Hero is also environmentally friendly and is constantly working on ways to reduce the carbon footprint of its supplies.

Hero’s tagline is ‘Have sex, save a life’ and it couldn’t ring more true. In order to get this great product out there, the company relies on little things such as social media shout-outs and posts, from little people like you and me. This in turn makes a big change!

So that’s the cause, now here’s what you can do. And do me a favour, don’t ignore this one!

  • Tweet the following message (simply click below to do so!)

Help fight AIDS in Africa and Save Lives! I want to buy @HEROcondoms at @PricelineAU”. 
#BuyHEROatPriceline #HEROSavesLives”

 ‘Help fight AIDS in Africa and Save Lives! I want to buy @HEROcondoms at @PricelineAustralia #BuyHEROatPriceline #HEROSavesLives’

  •  Send a private Facebook message to Priceline.

They actually have responded individually to me and all my other friends who have messaged them. It shows that they are receiving the message, and with pressure on them from multiple avenues, how can they ignore the push any longer? Send the following message, feel free to add your own tweak to it.

‘Dear Priceline, I’m writing to you because I want to buy HERO Condoms at your stores. HERO condoms are not a traditional condom company. It is not only dedicated to providing us with great condoms, it is making sex even better with it’s 1 for 1 promise. For every condom we buy here in Australia, a condom will be given out in Africa, helping to stop the spread of AIDS. HERO Condoms are the ones I want to see at Priceline stores so please include them into your product range in 2014. After all, it’s easy for you to be a HERO! Sincerely [Your name].’

And that’s all folks!

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