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feminist news round-up 16.08.14


Catch up on all the feminist news from all around the world this week on Lip!

Why Lauren Bacall was one of Hollywood’s greatest feminist icons

Artificial womb will change feminism forever

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is apparently a feminist. Awesome.

Turkish women campaign against sexism on Twitter

Jessica Valenti suggested that tampons get sold for nothing and the world reacted

Video exposes anti-abortion extremists in Texas

While in France, the government will now pay for first trimester abortions

Check out the evolution of Wonder Woman

Maryam Mirzakhani becomes the first woman to win maths medal

On Lip this week:

Mental health matters – but not if you’re a young asylum seeker

Follow Jo Williams as she meets fellow travelers

How Newstart Allowance policies will affect young and unemployed Aussies

Exhibition review: Winter Garden

TV news: Kim Cattrall returns to the small screen

Remembering Robin Williams

The Bookshelf Diaries with Lisa Dempster

Q&A with artist Sophie Debattista

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