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feminist news round-up 23.08.14


Here’s a round-up of the things that caught our eye this week.

From the Interwebs

Egyptian cleric says it’s OK for a man to spy on a woman while she showers – so long as he intends to marry her. And in news a bit closer to home, a NSW man who filmed women in the shower has had his sentence overturned on appeal.

Former French minister says French women have a duty to wear a bikini on the beach. Meanwhile, a former FEMEN activist has been detained following an altercation with a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf.

This is why 75% of all Ebola patients are women.

A car insurer in the UK proposes “pink zones” on roads for women drivers, because estrogen?

Malala Yousafzai’s mother learns to read and write.

Big brands have learnt that “feminism sells”.

Feminist group in Guangzhou stages online protest and declares: ‘My vagina does not come free with my labor.’


On Lip this week

NSW Government’s ‘Going Home Staying Home’ program threatens women’s-only services

Kaylia Payne on why Australia’s current surrogacy laws aren’t working

Jade Bate reviews the film Life After Beth

Get involved and support HERO Condoms’ campaign to get zero new HIV infections in Botswana by 2016

Sarah Iuliano asks: ‘Is phallocentrism the reason straight women prefer penetration?’

Newest Lip contributor, Michael Wu reviews Josh Thomas’s new TV series, Please Like Me

Margot McGovern on the book, Mothers Who Murder

Naomi Snell writes about her personal reactions to “reverse racism”

In The Bookshelf Diaries, Lip contributor Raelke Grimmer allows us a look-see into her personal library.

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