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feminist news roundup 12.7.15

Image: Daniel Lobo

Image: Daniel Lobo

News from around the world this week

The UN released figures on the Millennium Development Goals for the eradication of global poverty with mixed results for its gender-based goals:

Two thirds of developing nations have achieved gender parity in education and a number of occupations and public office positions have increased gender participation. However sovereign states’ protections to end violence against women, as well as maternal death rates and reproductive health care, are still hindering gender equality in numerous of countries.

Meanwhile, the Abbott government has been ranked as the sixth worst in OECD countries for women’s participation in cabinet

The New South Wales government has launched inquiry into remedies for serious breaches of privacy in response to revenge porn

Superannuation investors are pushing for more women on ASX 200 company boards

Study: Almost three quarters of Australians say domestic violence is as threatening or more threatening to Australians than terrorism

American women are saving $1.4 billion dollars due to contraception’s coverage by medical insurance under Obamacare

The ruling Russian political party unveiled its ‘straight pride’ flag, with LGBTQIA Russians and allies photoshopping them in defiance

A GPS-navigated app has been launched to mark where women have done important things

The Matildas’ Steph Catley will be the first woman on a FIFA videogame cover

Meanwhile, a new study has found teen boys want more female heroes and less objectification in video games

Study: unrealistic images on social media can be just as damaging to women’s self-esteem as exposure to thin models and celebrities

And fitness company Protein World gets slammed over its bikini-body ready campaigns


#ICYMI… features on Lip this week

Joan’s Law: Arabella Close on why we need affirmative action in politics

An analysis of the problematic language in the inquiry into the cruise ship deaths of Paul Rossington and partner Kristen Schroder

Natalie Rose Corrigan looked at working in motherhood and why it seems you’re damned if you don’t

Why we can’t lose sight of LGBTQIA rights issues beyond marriage equality

A look at recent political rhetoric on the matter of Australian marriage equality and our Asian neighbours

How consent is conceptualised among men who have sex with men was explored in Back to Ba(sex)

Eleanor Danenberg wrote about how feminism allowed her to form stronger relationships

And the first part of a new series on women in shonen anime and manga hit the site


Reviews on Lip this week

Eliza Graves-Browne on a recent rendition of the opera, I Puritani

Bridget Conway reviewed Disney Pixar’s film Inside Out

And Emma Robinson delved into Amy, a documentary by Asif Kapadia chronicling the life of late British singer Amy Winehouse


Interviews on Lip this week

Bridget Conway chatted with burlesque performer Becky Lou, and Heidy Rehman, founder of ethical fashion label Rose & Willard

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