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feminist news roundup 15.7.15

Image: Daniel Lobo

Image: Daniel Lobo

On Lip (so far) this week

Eyes on the Prize? Jay Ong looks at choices and feminism

Arabella Close analyses government policies amid news almost three in four Australians consider domestic violence to be an equal or more threatening issue than terrorism

Bridget Conway interviews White Ribbon Ambassador Laura Lydall about the new 3G Safety Watch

And Emma Robinson reviews the latest Terminator film, Terminator Genisys


Feminist news in Australia

Victoria began its Royal Commission into family violence causes and victims on Monday with a minute’s silence for those lost to the violence. It has heard the following so far:

Victims cannot always trust services which should protect them

Family violence can affect foetuses via the release of stress hormones in utero

Family violence is a significant factor in the number of Aboriginal children in foster care

Meanwhile, in New South Wales domestic violence survivors are turning to motels for accommodation due to refuge shortages

Former New South Wales Labor Premier Kristina Keneally has lashed out at Emily’s List for its mandate to endorse only pro-choice Labor women

Study: girls are more affected by bullying in Australian public schools than boys

And Fox Sports ensures women’s football will be televised after the successes of the Matildas’ FIFA World Cup campaign


Feminist news from around the world

Indian judge unorthodoxly releases rapist from gaol in a bid to reconcile with his victim and possibly marry via mediation prompting public outrage

Nine Sudanese women will receive 40 lashes for wearing pants

Two Moroccan women have been cleared of indecency for wearing ‘too tight’ skirts after a public outcry

Longitudinal study: majority (about 99%) of American women don’t regret their abortions

Meanwhile, US teenagers are being sent to summer camps to teach them how to conduct spiteful pro-life protests

US reproductive healthcare provider, Planned Parenthood hits back at allegations it sells the body parts of foetuses

The woman from last year’s viral anti-street harassment video sues its director

And Malala Yousafzai has turned 18, marking the occasion by opening a school for girls to service Syrian refugees


Celebrity news

Rapper 50 Cent has filed for bankruptcy after a court ordered he pay US$5 million in damages to the victim of a sex tape he voiced commentary to and posted to the internet without the women’s consent

Bill Cosby victims have pushed for the full release of court documents from 2005 featuring Cosby’s admission he obtained drugs with the intent to give them to a woman he wanted to have sex with

Meanwhile, Whoopi Goldberg – who has been one of Cosby’s biggest public defenders – has stopped defending him after legal advice and stated the facts point to his guilt

Amanda Seyfried has added her name to a long list of actors attesting women are underpaid in Hollywood, alleging she was paid 10% less than a male co-star

And Lena Dunham has plans to launch a feminist newsletter


In other news…

The top porn searches for Millennials have been revealed: ‘lesbian, teen, step[mum]’ rank as the most common

And a men’s underwear product has launched its crowdfunding campaign, claiming it will conceal erections

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