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Friday 4 September 2015

julia gillard decides same-sex marriage should be legalised after all

Amy Mckenna
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    Julia Gillard has sparked controversy following her change in position on same-sex marriage, with critics saying that she should have acted when she was in power. People have been lashing out at Gillard after she gave a speech at Victoria University, where she declared that she is now in support of same-sex marriage….
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Wednesday 4 September 2013
Culture Get Involved Sexuality World

showing support for the LGBTIQ community: ona manuka’s gay day

lip magazine
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With the Federal election looming, the topic that has been hot on everyone’s lips is gay marriage rights. Whether it’s Labor’s commitment to marriage equality, or the constant to-ing and fro-ing of Liberal candidates on the issue, it’s clear that gay rights and marriage equality are important to many Australians (and so they should be)….
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Wednesday 31 July 2013
Opinion World

malala yousafzai and her courageous UN speech

Heidi La Paglia
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On 13 July 2013, Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai delivered a speech to the United Nations (UN) on behalf of ‘every woman.’ Standing up against the Taliban and Islamic Extremists, Malala asserted that all women and children should have equal rights and access to free education. But not only did her speech reach the heart of…
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Tuesday 30 July 2013
Featured Opinion

the 5 step guide: my response to overheard homophobic comments

Grace McCarter
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I was sitting on a bus a few weeks ago, listening unabashedly to a conversation between two other passengers. They had just watched a Youtube video on one of their phones of gay marriage being passed in Parliament somewhere on the other side of the world. Judging by the young men’s uniforms, they were studying…
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Thursday 18 July 2013
Culture News Politics World

in brief : Britain legalises same sex marriage

Toby Newton
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Queen Elizabeth has given her assent to a bill that will legalise same-sex marriage in Britain. The royal seal of approval is essentially a formality after the bill passed both houses of parliament on Tuesday to clear the way for the first same-sex marriages to begin in England and Wales in mid-2014. Before then, lawmakers…
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