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Friday 4 November 2016
Featured Feminism Opinion World

the wonder of it: why wonder woman shouldn’t be a UN Ambassador

Suzanne Verrall

When Natasha Stott-Despoja was appointed Australia’s Ambassador for Women and Girls in December 2013, she said: ‘I continue to be proud of Australia’s efforts to work with and for the world’s women, and I’m honoured to have been given a chance to contribute to this work.’ In October 2016, when the United Nations appointed Wonder…
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Monday 12 January 2015
Arts Books

lip lit: the secret history of wonder woman

Christina Bulbrook
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‘Great Hera! I am running so late today!’ ‘Aphrodite aid me in getting through this after-lunch meeting!’ ‘Suffering Sappho I am exhausted!’ Not curses we hear in today’s world – but wouldn’t we all secretly love to make such glorious exclamations? Wonder Woman did. In Jill Lepore’s readable new book The Secret History of Wonder…
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Thursday 5 December 2013
Film News

in brief: wonder woman to grace the silver screen again

Sarah Iuliano
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The world’s most recognisable female superhero, Wonder Woman, is set to make a comeback and join Batman and Superman in a feature film. Batman vs Superman will be produced from the script of Man of Steel screenwriter, David S. Goyer and will see the two superheroes go head to head for the first time. The…
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Wednesday 16 October 2013
Culture Feminism Film TV

will wonder woman ever come to life on screen?

Bridget Conway

There are lots of reasons to love Wonder Woman. For me, she is an idol not only because of the simple things such as the fact that she is a powerful woman, a positive role model and just plain cool, but also that her character has sustained itself since its creation in a 1942 comic,…
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