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feminist news round-up 14.6.15



On Lip this week:

Bridget Conway interviews comedian Urzila Carlson about her new show Poise Control

Made Stuchbery writes about the gender imbalance in her ‘Fictional Dinner Party’

Refusing to choose between traditional femininity and radical feminism: Isobella Cornell interviews anonymous artist Ambivalently Yours

Screening bisexuality: Clara Borg on bisexual representation in the media


Elsewhere on the Interwebs:

Nobel prize winner, Tim Hunt, goes on a sexist rant at a recent conference in South Korea. The internet hits back with the hashtag #distractinglysexy

Joe Hockey gives this advice to first homebuyers and Sydney mum’s response goes viral

#Justatampon aims to break the taboo around menstruation

Federal Government accused of paying people smugglers to take asylum seekers back to Indonesia

Feminists launch an armpit hair photo contest in China

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