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Friday 12 February 2016
Arts Theatre

the pride: review

Bridget Conway
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Darlinghurst Theatre Company has begun its 2016 season with the bold and relevant The Pride by British playwright Alexi Kaye Campbell. The script was first premiered in 2008 to critical acclaim and it’s no secret why that is. With poetic and life affirming language and an incredibly important message, The Pride is what theatre is meant to be. We…
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Thursday 13 November 2014
Arts Sexuality Theatre

‘scandalous boy’ explores homosexuality and power in ancient rome

Jess Oliver
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  Whilst travelling in Europe in 2011, playwright David Atfield kept seeing the same face in museums- an undeniably beautiful Roman youth, named Antinous, but always unclearly labelled. What began as mild curiosity turned into a three year long journey into the life of a powerful young man, Antinous (Ethan Gibson)- largely unmentioned in the…
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Wednesday 20 November 2013

in brief: apple’s lousy dictionary defines ‘gay’ as ‘stupid’

Matilda Mornane
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A teenager from Massachusetts recently discovered on her MacBook that Apple had defined the word “gay” as ‘foolish, stupid or unimpressive’. Stating that she was ‘in disbelief’, Becca Gormon immediately sent an email to Apple chief executive Tim Cook, who is openly gay and frequently lobbies for equal work rights for homosexuals. While the entry…
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Tuesday 30 July 2013
Featured Opinion

the 5 step guide: my response to overheard homophobic comments

Grace McCarter
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I was sitting on a bus a few weeks ago, listening unabashedly to a conversation between two other passengers. They had just watched a Youtube video on one of their phones of gay marriage being passed in Parliament somewhere on the other side of the world. Judging by the young men’s uniforms, they were studying…
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Thursday 25 July 2013
Featured News World

pussy riot and russia’s LGBTIQ crisis

Claire Jansen

Image via Evgeny Feldman / AP   In the last week, more than 100 famous musicians including Madonna, Elton John and Sting have called for Russia to release the two members of feminist punk-rock band Pussy Riot still jailed for an anti-government protest performance. This high-profile campaign represents a growing international focus on Russia’s human…
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Monday 27 February 2012
Featured Get Involved

i do day 2012: do you believe all love is equal?

Josephine Mandarano
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The latest polling shows that 62 percent of Australians support same-sex marriage, yet current legislation does not reflect this. As we talk more about the issue, support for legalising same-sex marriage also grows. Enter ‘I Do Day’, the campaign that aims to raise awareness and promote education about marriage equality as well as raise money…
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Sunday 6 November 2011
Culture Featured

feminist news round-up 06.11.11

Erin Stewart
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This new column will summarise events that have happened in the last week relevant to women, feminism, and sexuality and link you to related articles. It will also offer a brief analysis on some stories. Please feel free to give us feedback! You can read last week’s round-up here. This week has a mixture of…
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