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Thursday 16 April 2015
Featured Feminism Health Opinion

don’t wash your box, love your box

Sarah Iuliano
One comment

On the rear of my car, there is a sticker declaring how much I love my box. I’m not just talking about the hatchback or the boxes of wine it is meant to denote (cheers, university Goonion.) This sticker also connotes the admiration I have for my vagina, my vulva and all the other intricate…
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Tuesday 2 December 2014

back to ba(sex): body shaming and sex

Sarah Iuliano
No comments

It seems wherever we look in our increasingly media-consuming society, body shaming abounds. From songs that shame one bodily extreme to the other – ‘skinny’ or ‘fat’– and the eternal homage to anaconda-like penises (which, coincidentally, profess to not perform where a big booty is lacking), there’s an endless string of having to fit in…
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Monday 27 October 2014
Culture News

Girlfriend releases body image policy online

Bridget Conway
No comments

Girlfriend magazine won the government’s Positive Body Image award for Media and Entertainment in 2012 for their efforts in portraying images of young women that are inspirational and truthful. In a world where young women are still constantly receiving an influx of negative images of bodies such as super skinny fashion models and skin perfected…
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Tuesday 8 July 2014
Life Opinion

australia’s children: physical dissatisfaction beginning at eight

Chloe King
No comments

  In a recent study conducted by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, dissatisfactions of the physical appearance of the body have been discovered to be evident in children as young as eight years old. These kinds of body image issues, affecting both men and women, are perfect representations of the impact of the media…
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Wednesday 11 June 2014
Health Opinion

when did we all become so obsessed with thigh gaps anyway?

Alexis Gordon
One comment

My mum says that when she was a little girl and she was late to school (as usual), she would have to tear across the cornfield next to her house to make it to the bus. One winter, when the field was slick with ice and snow and she was running to the bus, she…
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Tuesday 10 June 2014

high school sweetheart

Augusta Wise
One comment

She’s fourteen – though she is often mistaken for twelve – and a mixture of insecurity and confidence is etched into her movements. A freshman in a tiny Texas town, she tiptoes through the halls of her high school quietly and curiously.  She’s not quite sure how to carry herself – this body of a…
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Tuesday 6 May 2014

is your fixation on #cleaneating and over-exercising actually an eating disorder?

Simone Murcutt
No comments

It seems like everyone is addicted to fitness and healthy eating these days. Once labelled ‘lazy’, our society, with its fixation on health and fitness, sure has come a long way. But when is it too much? Orthorexia is the latest – yet unofficial – term for being overly obsessive with clean eating and exercising….
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Wednesday 30 April 2014
Arts Fashion

fashfest designer profile: the darling sisters

lip magazine
No comments

    Name: Maria Ramsden and Leanne Dempsey Label: The Darling Sisters Web address and/or FB address:   Where are you based?  Gold Creek, Nicholls, ACT How did you get into fashion and what do you love about it compared to other types of design? We are not designers but heritage professionals with a…
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Wednesday 23 April 2014
Featured Opinion

the pressures of instafame: a chat with asher britton

Adriana Barro
One comment

*Trigger alert: Discussion of eating disorders and self-harm* The idea of being an online celebrity has surely crossed the minds of many social media users during those lonely afternoons when a selfie with your dog only attracted one like – from your sister. Although it may seem glamorous to be followed by thousands upon thousands…
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Friday 11 April 2014
Fashion News

in brief: fashion editors want us to stop talking about the models and talk about the clothes

Kezia Lubanszky
No comments

Some of the most influential people of Australian Fashion Week think we should stop talking about the models, and talk about the clothes. While we’ve all been shocked at Alex Perry’s choice to book dangerously underweight model, Cassi Van Den Dungen, it seems we should be talking about how fabulous Australian clothing is instead. Unfortunately,…
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Thursday 27 February 2014
Health News

rising use of methamphetamine among young women tied to desire to lose weight

Eileen McInnes
No comments

The increased use of the methamphetamine, ice, has links to weight loss and body image problems, according to Triple J’s Hack program. ‘A bunch of callers and texters told us that ice isn’t just being used to get high, it is also being used to lose weight,’ said Sarah McVeigh. It isn’t a lie that…
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Monday 17 February 2014
Culture Featured Feminism Get Involved Health Life

lip-readings : the weight-loss resolution

Shalailah Medhora
One comment

At our recent Lip-readings event in Canberra on January 24, SBS Press Gallery Producer/Reporter Shalailah Medhora gave the following speech on the complex issue of weight loss and women. Told with her unique voice, her talk painted a frighteningly realistic picture of the body image issues that plague so many women – and we’re excited…
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Wednesday 12 February 2014

empress elisabeth of austria: was the 19th century monarchy just as bad as today’s media?

Courtney Iseman
No comments

Any time her weight began to creep past 110 pounds, she enacted a “hunger cure” by fasting. When told she needed the nutrients from meat, she settled on having its juice squeezed into a soup to avoid actually eating it. She exercised obsessively – she had balance beams in her bedroom so she could work…
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Tuesday 21 January 2014

the selfie generation: is it really vanity or are we just being judgemental?

Kaylia Payne

Publisher of Mamamia, Mia Freedman, posed the following question in an article on January 13: Are selfies vain? To which she a responded with an enthusiastic ‘hell yeah they are!’ – with many of the commenters on her article in full agreement with this sentiment. The Oxford Dictionary defines vain as ‘having or showing an…
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