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Tuesday 11 August 2015
Featured TV

come binge with me: the problem with netflix

Christina Bui
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It’s human nature to want more of a good thing, and if it’s available to utilise in big amounts all at once (i.e. by binging), many people will. Merriam Webster defines a “binge” as ‘a short period of time when you do too much of something.’ We’re all familiar with binging, for we overindulge in…
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Sunday 28 June 2015
News Politics World

in brief: donald trump’s racist comments lose him TV contract

Eden Gillespie
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  American politician Donald Trump has lost a TV contact for Miss Universe and Miss USA after posting a series of racist comments on Twitter which targeted Mexicans. Univision, an American-Spanish TV network, has refused to air the pageants which are partly owned by Trump, in response to the presidential candidate’s comments that the Mexican…
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Tuesday 2 June 2015
Featured Opinion

feminist friendly: on diversity on television

Katerina Bryant
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While bingeing on Orange Is the New Black on Netflix I’ve fallen for the show and its “diverse” cast. I’ve relished seeing women of all ages, all sizes, all sexualities, women of colour and, of course, seeing trans advocate Laverne Cox killing it. I didn’t really think about what OINTB wasn’t doing well until I…
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Tuesday 20 May 2014
Opinion Television

white-washing in television: from silencing to stereotypes

Vanessa Brinis-Norris

  White washing throughout television is completely normalised to the point where audiences rarely question it. As a result, we are subconsciously digesting white supremacy. White supremacy is not necessarily always overtly expressed, as avid viewers of white washed television, we regularly intake and express white supremacy in more subtle ways. Consider some of the…
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Wednesday 19 March 2014
Culture Film TV

screenshot: murder she wrote

Emma Nobel

What do a wealthy Melbourne aristocrat, the adult child of a career criminal and a sheriff detective dealing in the supernatural have in common? They’re some of the newest protagonists leading the charge in television’s latest wave of hit crime dramas – a posse of plucky women signalling a renaissance in a genre that’s slowly…
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Wednesday 5 February 2014
Books TV

lip lit: the HBO effect

Lou Heinrich
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There is nothing so delicious as losing yourself in an excellent TV series. You lie static on the couch for hours; when you go to work, your mind is full of the characters’ concerns; you even dream about them. When you pop the DVD in the player for one more episode before bedtime, tears erupt…
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Thursday 30 January 2014
News Sexuality Television

in brief: disney channel features its first same-sex couple

Kezia Lubanszky
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The Disney Channel has featured its first same-sex couple. The family sitcom Good Luck Charlie features a family preparing for a play date. Pre-school aged Charlie is having a visit from her friend Taylor. Charlie’s parents a bit confused about who Taylor’s mum is, until they realise that it’s not Susan or Cheryl, it’s both….
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Monday 13 January 2014
News Opinion Television

is lena dunham naked too often?

Yalei Wang
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Like many other people my age (read: twentysomething ladies), I’m totally excited about the return of highly successful HBO series, Girls, by Lena Dunham (writer & lead actor). If you’ve seen it, you’ve probably noticed how often Dunham is in the nude on the series and the media/blogosphere backlash against it. From sex scenes to…
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Tuesday 19 November 2013
Arts TV

tv review: the bachelor

Caitlin Gordon-King
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‘Tim Robards ticks all the boxes: good looks, charm, a successful career… and an active lifestyle. What’s missing? The woman of his dreams.’ Reality TV show The Bachelor tracks Tim as he finds a woman he “can fall in love with” who will eventually become his “life partner”. Luckily for Tim, Channel Ten has done…
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Monday 5 August 2013
Fashion TV

good wan: is gok wan the body-positive fashion guru we need?

Abra Pressler

Gok Wan, the British fashion stylist behind  the Body-Positive make-over show How to Look Good Naked has returned  to Australia with a brand new partnership with Target. Riding off the successes of his shows, How to Look Good Naked and Gok’s Fashion Fix, Wan provides women and men fashion advice aimed at improving their self-worth…
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Wednesday 5 June 2013

in brief: rumours fly that the next time lord will be a lady

Alexandra Storey
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Every time the current Doctor retires his multicoloured scarf or fez, the Doctor Who fandom erupts in excited debate as to who the next Doctor will be.  When David Tennant left the role in 2010, rumours spread that the Eleventh Doctor would be Chiwetel Ejiofor, previously seen in Love Actually and Kinky Boots; however, Matt…
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Thursday 23 May 2013
Culture Opinion TV

[revision] four parts funny, one part sad: bunheads vs. girls

Zac Millner-Cretney
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Each week “Revision” holds two TV shows up to the light to figure out if they are friends or foes. First things first: Mel is Jessa, Ginny is Shoshanna, Sasha is Marnie, and Boo is Hannah. The comparisons may not be perfect, but hey, someone had to do it. Girls needs no introduction; obviously it…
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Sunday 7 April 2013
Culture TV

game of thrones: brace yourselves – nipples are coming

lip magazine

I remember when Game of Thrones first really started blowing up in its first season, a friend of mine told me she found it worrying. Actually the word she used was “weird”; she is a very diplomatic person. The fact that the most popular show on TV, a show everyone was talking about, prominently featured…
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Monday 19 November 2012
Culture Featured TV

small screen sirens: medical dramas, and why they have no pulse

Sophie Overett
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A few weeks ago, I curled up on the couch prepped to watch the premiere of The Mindy Project, a new half-hour medical dramedy written by and starring the always-charming Mindy Kaling. I’ve been a pretty huge fan of hers since the better days of The Office and to see her in her own project,…
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